Fulfillment Services

Same day fulfillment of your customer orders. Individual piece shipments through full pallets, LTL and FTL shipments from our Atlanta Distribution Center. Inquire about our new Distribution Centers coming online soon.

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Returns Management

We will efficiently manage all customer service and logistics to support your customer returns and instantly ship out replacement product via our Advanced Replacement Program.

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Amazon/eBay Solutions

Low cost fulfillment and returns management of your product sold on Amazon and eBay. Enjoy lower cost Seller Fulfilled Prime pricing with no slotting fees and no allocation for returns.

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Our Plans

While we are happy to customize an eCommerce plan for your specific needs, here are the basics to help you get started:

  • Standard

  • Product Listings on Amazon & eBay
  • Warehousing and Fulfillment by Green Wave Electronics
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Same Day Shipping
    [on Orders Placed by 2pm ET]
  • Returns Management by Green Wave Electronics per Amazon and eBay Requirements
  • Green Wave Electronics Portal Access
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  • Advanced

  • Standard Program Features Plus...
  • Inspection and Testing of Open Box Returns
  • Repair and Refurbishment of Used Returns
  • Relisting of Open Box and Refurbished Returns in Amazon Renewed
  • Relisting of Open Box and Refurbished Returns on eBay
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  • Diamond

  • Advanced Program Features Plus...
  • Management of Sales from your direct sales channels
  • Advanced Replacement Program
  • Integration with your sales and ordering system
  • Automated email, text, and API notifications
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Product Listings on Amazon & eBay

You have to look good to sell well. Green Wave Electronics will professionally photograph your product under perfect lighting conditions, and compose detailed listing information, employing accurate keywords to increase your exposure from searches. Your listings will be formatted to the highest standards for Amazon and eBay listings. All product descriptions will be written by native English Web Store Specialists. Please note that Green Wave Electronics maintains it's high customer ratings by selling the best quality and variety of products. To maintain our online reputation, Green Wave Electronics reserves the right to refuse to list any product, at its sole discretion.
On-Time Shipments 100%
Amazon Positive Ratings 91%
eBay Positive Ratings 99%

Warehousing and Fulfillment by Green Wave Electronics

Your product is warehoused at our Distribution Center(s). You will not pay any slotting fee1 nor be required to provide massive amounts of stock to distribute to dozens of Amazon fulfillment centers. Most importantly, your returned product will not be scrapped.

Seller Fulfilled Prime

We are a Seller Fulfilled Prime reseller on Amazon. This allows us to place a Prime badge on all items we sell to US customers, provided we ship same day directly from our Distribution Centers through an approved carrier, and deliver to the customer within two business days. Your listings will be displayed with a Guaranteed Free Two-Day Delivery message and will have a higher chance of winning the Amazon "Buy Box".

Same Day Shipping on Orders Placed by 2pm ET

All orders placed before 2pm ET at our Atlanta Distribution Center on regular business days, ship by 5pm ET same day. Our Atlanta location directly adjacent to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, allows us to reach 72% of the US population in two days via economical ground shipping. Customers requiring two-day service outside of that region are shipped to via FedEx One Rate two-day service. Our new Western Distribution Center, opening shortly, will increase our two day ground coverage to over 90% of the US population.

Returns Management by Green Wave Electronics per Amazon and eBay Requirements

Green Wave Electronics handles all customer service on your products, including customer's pre-sale and post-sale technical questions, and all returns and replacements. We collect restocking fees as appropriate. Returned material can be recovered through our test, repair, refurbishment and reboxing services discussed below.

Green Wave Electronics Portal Access

Always know where you stand, thanks to the Green Wave Electronics Portal. Our Portal shows your inventory, sales, fulfillment and Returns information in real time. Customers signing up for our Inspection, Testing, Repair, Refurbishment, and Repackaging services will also see their full pipeline of returned and redeployed product.

Inspection and Testing of Open Box Returns

Returns should never go to eWaste. When products are returned to us in unused condition, they still need to be verified for functional faults and cosmetic damage, independent of the return reason cited by the customer. Products in factory condition, with no cosmetic damage, and fully accessorized, are expertly reboxed and resealed, consistent with new product, and offered for sale as a certified "open box" unit.

Repair and Refurbishment of Used Returns

Returns with functional failures are tested and repaired, if possible, by Green Wave Electronics technicians. Any cosmetic issues are refurbished, or parts replaced, to bring the product to new condition. Missing accessories and documentation are added with OEM accessories and original documentation, and the product is reboxed as a white box refurbished product.

Relisting of Open Box and Refurbished Returns in Amazon Renewed and on eBay

Green Wave Electronics is authorized to sell certified refurbished "Open Box" product on both eBay and via the Amazon Renewed program. Green Wave Electronics is also authorized to resell Repaired and Refurbished white box product as "Certified Refurbished" product on Amazon Renewed and as Refurbished Condition on eBay.

Management of Sales from your direct sales channels

In addition to our professional management of you Amazon and eBay sales and returns, Green Wave Electronics can also manage fulfillment of your direct sales through your website and other direct sales channels. Your orders get routed to Green Wave Electronics electronically and immediately get posted on our Distribution Center pick board, where it is picked and shipped same day1 1 Same day shipping for orders placed by 2pm local time.

Advanced Replacement Program

Handling returns is only half the battle. When your customers are returning a defective product, they don't want to wait for you to receive and inspect the returned item. The Green Wave Electronics Advanced Replacement Program will immediately generate a return shipping label for your customer, and issue a replacement shipment order to our shipping department as soon as the return label starts tracking. For your best customers, we can send the replacement immediately upon the customer's request to return the faulty product. Ask your Green Wave Electronics representative about the many options of our Advanced Replacement Program.

Integration with your sales and ordering system

The Green Wave Electronics IT Department has integrated with dozens of different name brand and proprietary customers' sales and ordering systems. Orders for your products offered on eBay and Amazon are automatically routed to Green Wave Electronics, as well. Our order management system automatically adjusts quantities available on multiple channels for each order placed, which is critical to help avoid being backordered as your available quantity of a product runs down.

Automated email, text, and API notifications

If you're like us, you love to know what's happening. All key events can be configured to be sent to key individuals at your company, via text and/or email. Daily reports can also be sent to you via email, and you will always have access to a full set of real time reports on the Green Wave Electronics Portal.

Questions & Answers

Amazing! Your listing will include a comprehensive title, full description, bullet points, compatibility information, and a full array of professionally shot HD photographs.

Amazon often provides a "Buy Now" button, on the main item page, for products listed by one or multiple sellers. While Amazon does not publish their algorithm, when multiple sellers are offering the same product, multiple factors are taken into consideration on which seller "wins the Buy Box." These factors include the positive feedback of the seller, the on-time shipping record of the seller, the number of returns to that seller, and whether the seller is Prime. Since Green Wave Electronics checks all those boxes, we often win the Buy Box for the products we sell.

FBA is fulfillment by Amazon. You ship your stock to Amazon and they take care of all fulfillment and returns.

FBM is Fulfillment by Merchant. You list your product on Amazon and get notified when something sells. It is up to you to fulfill the order and handle all returns.

SFP is Seller Fulfilled Prime. The same as FBM except that you are required to fulfill orders to Prime customers same day and deliver within two days.

There are many tradeoffs when deciding the best fulfillment method when selling your products on Amazon. If you list your products through Green Wave Electronics, we will fulfill your orders from our SFP Distribution Centers and handle all your returns and save you a lot of money on your total program costs.

Orders placed by 2pm local time at our Distribution Center will ship by 5pm same day.

Typically, Amazon will scrap your returns, but you may also request that returns be sent back to you. Prime customers will receive automatic refunds and if you get the part back with customer damage, you will need to dispute the return.

Closed box returns are placed back in stock. Open box returns are inspected for cosmetic damage and tested for functional faults, and reboxed and resold as Certified Reboxed product. Items with evidence of use are inspected for cosmetic defects, refurbished, functionally tested, repaired as needed, missing accessories are added to the kit, and reboxed and sold as Certified Refurbished product.

We can have your Standard Program operational within one week of receiving your inventory. Advanced and Diamond programs take four weeks or longer to get started as we need to establish an inspection and testing protocol and source accessories and spare parts.