QGistix Acquires Green Wave Computer Recycling

Combined Company Provides a Full Suite of Solutions for Overstock, Failed, and Scrap Electronics

ATLANTA, GA and INDIANAPOLIS, IN - QGistix, LLC., a leading Reverse Logistics company located adjacent to the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, is proud to announce the acquisition of Green Wave Computer Recycling, LLC., located in Indianapolis, IN. The acquisition is effective today, August 20, 2021. The combined company will be named Green Wave Electronics, LLC.

Green Wave Electronics
QGistix and Green Wave Computer Recycling are proud to share their new logo for "Green Wave Electronics"
QGistix operates multiple business units focused on managing their clients' inventory of electronics. These business units are responsible for managing RMA returns of failed parts, test, repair and refurbishment, advanced replacements, distribution, inventory centralization and redistribution, and e-commerce sales of overstock, open-box, and refurbished product.

Green Wave Computer Recycling helps organizations properly recycle their e-waste and destroy data-containing items to ensure security. They offer complete, auditable, e-waste recycling solutions for businesses, organizations, government agencies, solid waste districts, and the general public.

Mark Sherman, CEO of QGistix, said, "Since inception, both QGistix and Green Wave Computer Recycling have been dedicated to a zero-waste business model and have focused on the 100% reuse or recycle of electronics. This was the motivation behind the decision to name the combined company Green Wave Electronics and retire the QGistix brand name."

Michael Hiday, co-founder of Green Wave Computer Recycling, said, "There are multiple synergies from this transaction, but most importantly, this acquisition will enable us to efficiently expand our e-waste collection footprint from the Midwest to now service school districts, corporations, and solid waste districts in the Southeast. We are very excited about the shared vision of our companies and look forward to adapting the best practices from each team."

Combined, the Companies now provide a complete suite of Reverse Logistics tools covering what the Company describes as the 9 R's:

  1. Repair
  2. Refurbishment
  3. Repackaging
  4. Returns Management
  5. Replacement Programs
  6. Remarketing
  7. Redistribution
  8. Redeployment
  9. Recycling

With a staff of over 250 employees, operating in 300,000 square feet of facilities, Green Wave Electronics can now continue to expand its capabilities, and geographic footprint, to provide complete Lifecycle Management of Electronics.

Contact: Press Relations at info@GreenWaveElectronics.com

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