Centralize and Redistribute Your Excess Inventory

Managing inventory is an impossible task. Changing demand, vendor minimum order quantities, lead times, and inaccurate cycle counts can make it impossible to keep your stock levels high enough to support your operations, without carrying months of extra supply, and locking in millions of dollars in inventory which isn't moving.

Where Are Your Parts Collecting?:

This problem is exacerbated if you are managing multiple locations or, worse, if you have a fleet of service trucks all with their own excess inventory. With such a distributed inventory model, you may have visibility to your excess inventory but no way to manage it short of time-consuming and expensive intra-location shipments.

If you have a distribution center, you can choose to centralize excess parts there, but who will manage that program and how will your DC be reorganized to receive, inspect, and integrate small shipments of excess when they are only set up to receive large shipments of new products directly from the vendors?

If you don't have a Distribution Center, then you do not even have that option.

The Green Wave Electronics Solution

Let Green Wave Electronics manage your excess inventory for you. The Green Wave Electronics Redistribution Program is designed to be a turnkey solution. The first step is to simply identify the excess material you have in the field based on min/max levels you set up at all your locations and trucks, if applicable. Any inventory exceeding the max levels is shipped to Green Wave Electronics, labeled with the location the inventory comes from. This excess inventory should especially include low volume and expensive items which should only be ordered on an as-needed basis. Green Wave Electronics receives all your excess inventory and inspects it based on minimum cosmetic standards for redeployment which we establish with the help of your input. Any item which meets the acceptance criteria is placed in consignment inventory in a section of our warehouse dedicated to your redeployment stock. Product with damaged packaging, below your minimum standards are optionally reboxed in plain white boxes or recycled, per your requirements. Damaged product, used product, and product with missing accessories are automatically sent to eWaste.

Central Atlanta Location - 2PM Guarantee:

After the inventory centralization process has completed, you can immediately have access to our ordering system directly from the Green Wave Electronics Portal. Orders placed by 2pm ET are fulfilled same day and shipped on your account via your preferred carrier or through the Green Wave Electronics account at FedEx or UPS. Our Atlanta location directly adjacent to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, allows us to reach 72% of the US population in two days via economical ground shipping. When we expand to our Western Distribution Center, you will be able to route your orders to either DC, and be subject to the 2pm local time guarantee for orders placed at our Western DC.

Financial Benefits:

With distributed inventory of low velocity items, you will often purchase product at one location when you have unused stock in another location. By centralizing your excess inventory at Green Wave Electronics, you can save millions of dollars in under-utilized inventory while not repurchasing the same product at different locations.