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Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, retailer, or system integrator, no two QGistix customers are alike. Each of our Forward Logistics programs are tailored to your specific needs and integrate seamlessly with your systems.


Our location adjacent to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, coupled with our new Western Distribution Center (opening soon), allows QGistix to efficiently distribute your goods throughout the continental United States economically and rapidly, via air or ground.

We accept full truckloads and all standard container sizes inbound. We will palletize material upon receipt for our customer who load containers without pallets.

Outbound, we will fulfill orders of all sizes from full and partial truckloads to single pallets, individual cases or single pieces under our Direct to Customer Fulfillment Programs.

All transactions, inbound, outbound, and cycle counting, are recorded in real time on the QGistix Portal and the transmitted to your WMS or ERP system.

Direct to Consumer Fulfillment:

Single orders from your customers are filled quickly and efficiently. Orders get routed to our shipping department from third party eCommerce sites, your own web site or customer service department, or via web entry directly on or a private label web site.

All orders received by 2pm local time (local time based on QGistix Distribution Center time zone) are guaranteed to fill same day. Orders received after the cutoff time, or on weekends or holidays, will be filled next business day.

Amazon and eBay Fulfillment:

The QGistix fulfillment system is deeply integrated with Amazon and eBay. QGistix has the highest ratings on both sites, and we are authorized on Amazon as a Seller Fulfilled Prime reseller, Amazon Renewed, and as a Certified Refurbished reseller.

All Amazon and eBay orders are fulfilled per the terms of the respective sites and customer service level. Returns are expertly managed, and replacements sent, or refund authorized, as appropriate.

Make sure you visit our eCommerce page to learn more about our eCommerce Solutions including our ability to repair, repackage and resell your returns, saving you money.

A Picture Paints 1,000 Words:

All Direct to Consumer and eCommerce orders are QC'd for visible damage and correct items, quantities, and ship-to address. These orders are also photographed at time of QC inspection, in case there is a dispute on the quality or accuracy of the shipment.

Excess Inventory Management:

If you operate a large, distributed business, you may be struggling with maintaining proper inventory levels at each of your locations. By centralizing your excess field inventory at QGistix, you can significantly reduce the value of your on-hand inventory, and quickly ship low-volume items from QGistix directly to where it is needed, without having to purchase new stock.

Configure and Ship Programs:

Many of the electronic items we manage for our customers require special firmware flashing, updates, or configuration prior to installation. Since we are setup to test and repair thousands of electronic devices per day, we are also able to configure new, and refurbished, product to our customers' specifications. Depending on the complexity of the configuration, we can often ship same day for orders received by 1pm local time.

QGistix Portal and Real Time Notifications:

Knowing where our customers' material is at all times is at the core of all QGistix systems. The QGistix Portal displays real time receipts, put-aways, cycle counts, inventory snapshots, picks, packs, order QC, and shipment information. Additionally, status of all inbound and outbound shipments sent through major carriers are tracked and pulled into the relevant QGistix Portal reports. Links to QC photos of all outbound orders are available on the shipping reports.

All reports on the QGistix Portal are available for download to Excel or import to your preferred Business Intelligence system.

If you wish to subscribe to certain events, real time email or text messages can be enabled to let you know as soon as that crucial order ships.

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